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SHSM Certification

The Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) is a specialized program that allows students to gain credits toward their Ontario Secondary School Diploma and focus their learning on a specific economic sector at the same time. In these workshops, students will use concrete examples and interactive activities to examine relevant themes and justice issues connected to their sector of interest.  Catholic Social Teaching and UN Sustainable Development Goals are integrated into each workshop.

Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) Certifications

We currently provide certifications in:

  • Ethical Considerations

  • Anti-Oppression & Allyship

  • Personality Inventory

  • Conflict Resolution


Duration of certification:  2.5 hours


The first part of the workshop focuses on the major concepts for the certification, and the last hour provides sector-specific content connected to the certification.  Please see the potential topics covered for specific sectors below.


Certification: Ethical Considerations


Sectors: Non-Profit, Education and Child Care; Justice, Community Safety & Emergency Services

* Human trafficking


Sectors: Agriculture, Hospitality & Tourism

* Migrant workers


Sectors: Business, Mining, Transportation, Environment, Energy

* Green justice (modern slavery and critical minerals for electric cars, cell phones, etc.)


Sectors: ICT, Arts & Culture

* Artificial intelligence


Sectors: Health & Wellness

* The use of CRISPR technology to selectively modify DNA (CRISPR - clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats)  or

* MAID (medical assistance in dying)


Certification: Anti-Oppression & Allyship


Sectors: Non-Profit, Education and Child Care; Justice, Community Safety & Emergency Services

* Case studies of community organizations as allies working on anti-oppression for diverse current issues (e.g. housing, poverty, refugees, climate justice, gender-based violence)


Sectors: Business, Mining, Environment, Manufacturing

* Modern slavery and fair trade (Case Study: Fairphone)


Sectors: Business, Non-profit; Justice, Community Safety & Emergency Services

* The use of blockchain technology in problem-solving for social justice issues (working outside systems of oppression)


Sectors: Health & Wellness and/or Environment

* Climate justice and health

* Racism and transphobia in the health care system


Sectors: Mining, Forestry, Environment

* Indigenous self-determination and consultation in the protection and stewardship management of lands


Sector: Sports

* Addressing gender inequities and gender-based violence in sports


Sector: Arts & Culture

* The use of music and dance to advocate for awareness and change in justice issues


Certification: Personality Inventory


Sector: Business, Health & Wellness, Non-Profit, Education and Child Care

* Case studies on how to work and collaborate effectively in sector-related scenarios


Certification:  Conflict Resolution


Sector: Non-Profit, Education and Child Care, Education and Child Care, Business, Health & Wellness

* Case study scenarios related to the sector with an opportunity to apply conflict transformation skills learned in the workshop


For more information or to book a certification, please contact:


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