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Chapter 03, The voices of indigenous people in the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII), 2024

Financing for Indigenous Peoples. Direct funding mechanisms should be established for Indigenous Peoples to lead their actions autonomously, and to ensure equity and equality in access to finance, activities led by Indigenous women and youth should be promoted and lastly, Indigenous Youth. 

Indigenous youth are powerful catalysts for change, and they will inherit the responsibility of protecting the Earth for future generations. Accordingly, we must champion their voices and design mechanisms for engagement that encourage their participation in vital decision-making processes. 

We must hear the voices of indigenous people because it gives us knowledge of their different viewpoints, life experiences, and knowledge. It allows us to gain knowledge from their profound ties to the earth, diverse cultures, and fights for equality and justice. We can promote respect, protect various traditions, and work toward a more inclusive and fair society by paying attention to indigenous voices. The UN condemns the ongoing mistreatment of indigenous peoples around the world. We encourage member states to put their citizens' rights and dignity first. Together, let's make sure that everyone is treated fairly and equally.

By Rachel Gurung


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