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A Journey Into Exile

Updated: Feb 14

A role-playing exercise that puts participants in the shoes of refugees.

A unique simulation exercise about refugees around the world for educators and support workers. Each participant is given a refugee character and a short biography based on a real refugee story.

Throughout the exercise, participants make decisions similar to those that all refugees worldwide have to make. While making these decisions, the participants listen to real refugee testimonies and learn about their complex stories of hardship, resilience, and hope.

In this activity, despite our time constraints, we refrain from simplifying refugee experiences and open a safe space for encounters with refugees through their stories.

This workshop is facilitated by the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) Canada, which is a non-profit organization that accompanies, serves, and advocates for refugees. For over 40 years JRS has sponsored thousands of refugees around the world, including Canada, helping them resettle and feel welcomed in their new country.


Toronto, Tuesday March 5th, 2024

6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Loretto College 70 St. Mary Street


A collaboration between: Jesuit Refugee Service Canada, Mary Ward Centre, Sisters of Saint Joseph of Toronto, and Canadian Jesuits International.
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