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End Human Trafficking -A commitment for all-

Radio Broadcast series 2024 - Season 3

CHHA-1610 AM and Mary Ward Center TO, we continue to connect Canada and Latin America to prevent human trafficking, a crime that has many faces and that takes advantage of ignorance.

Trafficking in persons for the purposes of labour and sexual exploitation, rights of migrant workers, commitment of governments to prevent human trafficking and other topics will be discussed in this 2024 season.

In the 2024 season our strategic allies are:

  • IBVM Spain - Irlandesas joins as a strategic ally.

  • Amarc Alc The network of community radio stations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • Radio Progreso | Página Oficial Page broadcasts from Honduras

  • Radio Universidad de Guadalajara Radio University of Guadalajara from Mexico

  • Internacional Stereo 105.9 FM Ipiales Internacional Stereo 105.9 FM Ipiales broadcasts from Colombia on the border with Ecuador.

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