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End Human Trafficking -A Commitment for All- Third season - "Spanish broadcast".

End Human Trafficking -A Commitment for All- Migration is a right of all people but it is important to migrate safely, reducing risks. Nowadays there are many possibilities to migrate; however, be sure those possibilities are safe and don't take advantage of their knowledge.

If you migrate as a worker, your labour rights are the same as those of other workers; You even have additional rights, not fewer rights.

Countries establish legal procedures and costs for immigration processes. If someone charges you more money or expenses outside of the legally established legal expenses, those are indicators of risk in the immigration process.

It is illegal for an employer to ask for your passport, work permit, study permit, or any personal document to retain it; and to deduct or not pay you for days of work if you get sick. When a job contract includes a place to live, that place must have decent and safe living conditions, and the employer cannot deduct from your pay for that place.

If the contract is written in a language other than yours, someone must read the contract to you in your language before signing it, allowing you to ask questions and clarify its conditions.

If you are going to migrate as a temporary worker through an agreement between countries, the Government of your country must provide you with information about the agreement, the type of work you will do, the nature of the contract you will sign, the benefits it will have, the duration of the contract. , etc.

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