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SDG 2: Children and Youth Food Insecurity in Canada

The Mary Ward Centre, as a contributor to the work of the IBVM-Loreto Generalate NGO to the United Nations, has prepared a series of policy briefs on youth in Canada and the Sustainable Development Goals to coincide with the UN High Level Political Forum taking place July 8-18, 2024. 

SDG 2 aims to End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. In 2022, between 691 and 783 million people faced hunger. Additionally, 2.4 billion people were moderately to severely food insecure. To address these and other related challenges in food security and nutrition, governments and their

partners must commit to a systems approach, taking integrated action across a range of relevant sectors, and engaging diverse stakeholders.

In Canada, one out of every four children and youth go hungry. Of these, almost one quarter experience moderate or severe food insecurity. Risk factors for higher prevalence of food insecurity among children and youth include living in lower-income households, having parents with lower educational attainment, those who identified as members of multiple races or indigenous, or were born outside of Canada. Rising housing costs and inflation rates have negatively impacted the ability of families to access food. 

In our policy brief, learn about the policy changes required to help alleviate poverty among children and youth in Canada.

Learn more about SDG 2: 

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