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Mary Ward Centre mentioned in Canada's Review of SDGs

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

The Canadian government just released its progress report on Sustainable Development Goals. It is available on the UN website.

Eva Rodriguez-Diaz and Sarah Rudolph, ibvm have been working on a civil society report with the CSJs of Toronto and Canadian Federation. We have also been liaising with the federal government and responded to a request for input into the Canadian review. We are delighted to say that among the many pieces of input we provided, the Report includes a description of the work the Mary Ward Centre is doing on the prevention of human trafficking, particularly the radio programs.

Screenshot of MWC mention in the SDG progress report

We are very proud of the work that Eva has been doing and are delighted that it has been noticed by the federal government and is being given as an example of the work of civil society to help achieve the SDGs.

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